Rare Collaborations Between British and American Music Artists Like the Velvet Underground

Just about fifty years ago, Andy Warhol alone the canvas, the screen, and the added aesthetic pursuits that had captivated him all of his life. Instead, he angry against vinyl, area he oversaw the bandage alleged Velvet Underground. The accumulation anon began recording its aboriginal anthology in 1966, even admitting it would not be clearly appear until March of the afterward year.

Several facts about the admission anthology alleged The Velvet Underground and Nico accept accustomed it iconic cachet in the bedrock world. For one, Warhol himself advised the assistant centered anthology cover, an art plan archetypal of the artisan acclaimed for portraits of Campbell’s Soup cans.

More important, the anthology spawned several songs that accept endured fir bisected of a century. “Heroin” and “Waiting for the Man” are two of the a lot of acclaimed of the tracks.

Perhaps the a lot of unappreciated appropriate of the anthology is the actuality that it was completed by a bandage comprised of both American and British members. A lot of groups at that time featured all American associates or all British members, a akin trend that is still the barometer in the music business.

The Velvet Underground was founded by Brooklyn built-in guitarist Lou Reed and Welsh multi-instrumentalist John Cale. Another New Yorker, Sterling Morrison abutting the group, which became a quartet with the accession of Angus McLise from Connecticut. For the aboriginal album, the bandage added German-born diva Nico, who contributed three songs to the debut.

Since then, apparel bond British and American artists accept been rare. Nevertheless, the few that accept formed did so with abundant success, and actuality are ten of those collaborations amid British and American artists.

Traveling Wilburys

This supergroup was a quintet of Bedrock and Roll Hall of Famers, including a affiliate from The Beatles. George Harrison and Jeff Lynne were the two Brits a part of the Wilburys, while Bob Dylan, Tom Petty and Roy Orbison gave the bandage its Americanism.

Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson

The Beatles bassist had already topped the archive with an American artist, if he and Stevie Wonder partnered up to almanac “Ebony and Ivory.” One anthology later, Sir Paul teamed with Chicagoan Michael Jackson to almanac the accident individual “Say Say Say.”

Elvis Costello and Darryl Hall

Before Costello begin success with Kansas City artisan Burt Bacharach, he accomplished the Top Ten on a affiliation with Darryl Hall. The song, blue-blooded “The Only Flame in Town,” came from the Hall-produced anthology Goodbye Cruel World.

Johnny Marr and Modest Mouse

Marr acquired acclaim as guitarist of the British bandage the Smiths, a bandage he founded with adolescent Brit Morrissey. After their demise, however, Marr helped actuate the Portland based indie rockers who rose to bulge with the advance anthology Good News for People Who Love Bad News.

Eric Clapton and J.J. Cale

Slowhand partnered with the Oklahoma City dejection rocker to almanac the 2006 album, The Road to Escondido.

John Lennon and Harry Nilsson

The two became belled bubbler buddies, but they did administer to aftermath one of Nilsson’s finest albums. The songs on Pussycats rank appropriate up there with bigger hits such as “”Without You” and “Everybody’s Talking.”

The Monkees

The quartet was accumulated for a TV show, but their music is still admired fifty years since. Diva Davy Jones was the abandoned Brit, recording forth ancillary Michael Nesmith, Mickey Dolenz and Peter Tork.

Fleetwood Mac

Originally a British dejection bandage formed by Mick Fleetwood and John McVie, they adopted a added pop-rock complete already Americans Lindsay Buckingam and Stevie Nicks abutting for Rumours and its self-titled predecessor.

The Pretenders

Chrissy Hynde is from Akron, Ohio, and she abutting with Brits Pete Farndon, James Honeyman-Scott and Martin Chambers to anatomy one of the a lot of constant another bands of the Eighties New Wave.

Robert Plant and Allison Krause

Led Zeppelin’s diva would accept seemed out of abode during the band’s seventies heyday were to yield the date with the avant-garde Queen of Bluegrass. Thirty years later, though, they formed a awful acknowledged partnership.